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River embankment characterization: The combined using geophysical and geotechnical techniques

River embankment characterization: The combined using geophysical and geotechnical techniques


Previous ton activities in north Italy (especially in the Veneto area) has brought river embankments in to the focus of general public focus. Many of these embankments tend to be more than a century older and then have become continuously restored, to make sure that more information on their existing framework is typically missing. The track of these frameworks is now centered, generally, on graphic evaluation and localised measurements associated with the embankment material variables. But this monitoring is generally insufficient assure a satisfactory security stage against floods. Therefore there is certainly an increasing interest in smooth and accurate study strategies, particularly geophysical techniques. These tips can provide more information throughout the subsurface buildings, tend to be non-invasive, cost-efficient, and quicker than standard techniques. But needed verification so that you can incorporate dependable outcome, specifically in complex and reworked man-made tissues such as embankments. Within paper we found an incident research wherein three different geophysical strategies have already been applied: electric resistivity tomography (ERT), frequency website electromagnetic induction (FDEM) and soil Penetrating Radar (GPR). Two test web sites have now been selected, both found in the Province of Venice (NE Italy) where in actuality the Tagliamento River enjoys huge embankments. The results gotten with your method happen calibrated against evidence resolving from geotechnical investigations. The good qualities and downsides of every strategy, as well as their family member merit at determining the particular popular features of the embankments in this region, are showcased. The outcome demonstrate that geophysical tips can offer very useful facts for embankment characterization, so long as the data explanation try constrained via immediate research, albeit restricted in area.


The dramatic flood occasions that occurred in North-Eastern Italy, and particularly in the Veneto Region, in highlighted the ultimate vulnerability that characterizes your local lake embankments, plus the pressing importance of a process letting a much better command over these tissues. Proper characterization of levees in addition to their basis layers are, generally, one of many technology for flooding hazard mitigation. This hazard is caused by the excellent changes in water values that stick to competitive precipitation happenings might cause the failure from the levee program. The elements of embankment collapse, which incorporate the streamside while the landside mountains (along with the foundation covering), include linked to the improvement in the hydraulic regimen of river movement. Including, high water grade a€“ extended over time a€“ may progressively create saturation on the containment frameworks, reducing their particular opposition. However, an instant lowering associated with the water-level, like those taking place in ancestry state of an overflow, can cause the introduction of unsafe purification causes to the streamside.

The heterogeneity for the whole grain hydraulic properties regarding the dirt composing the embankment and its particular basis may cause the formation of preferential seepage pathways and/or removing earth particles fundamentally resulting in collapse (internal erosion). Erosion can also happen in discontinuities along strict frameworks inserted for the levee. Burrows excavated by animals including beavers and nutrias may also be risky causes for internal erosion.

Used, the steps described above commonly effortlessly detectable, as they develop without any shallow facts before failure on the levee program. As embankment tracking are, in reality, currently predicated on aesthetic assessment and localised specifications (e.g. making use of piezometers) in the soil variables, truly hardly astonishing the standard spying is inadequate to make certain a sufficient security levels. This is the reason exactly why the demand for smooth and extensive, while however beneficial, researching means try quickly growing. Geophysical method are a viable solution, because they are sensitive to soils/rocks actual homes and variables which, therefore, were about grain size, porosity, h2o material, and temperatures (Reynolds, 2011). These dirt homes and condition factors can hence offer information regarding subsurface properties and may be especially useful in locating subsurface attributes of geotechnical and engineering interest. In addition, these processes can protect big servings of investigated program, typically with meter quality, in relatively limited time.

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