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Laaksonen taught Finnish publication Ilta-Sonomat that Trump squeezed this model backside as she along with other pageant participants.

Laaksonen taught Finnish publication Ilta-Sonomat that Trump squeezed this model backside as she along with other pageant participants.

Jessica Leeds Early 1980s. Tale in The New York period on Oct 12, 2016. Leeds says she sat together with Trump in high grade on an airplane and that he kissed the woman, groped their chest area and hit upward their dress, trusted the girl to move into advisor. he had been like an octopus, she advised the newest York Times. In a NY Document review released March 14, 2016, a British man whoever meeting is arranged because Trump plan said that he was the flight, that Leeds accounts try fake and he recalls Leeds working wrongly.

Mindy McGillivray Jan. 24, 2003. Narrative in hand ocean posting on July 12, 2016. Being employed as an assistant to professional photographers at Mar-a-Lago in 2003, McGillivray expense that Trump nudged or procured the woman from trailing.

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Jennifer Murphy 2004. Facts in Grazia on October 12, 2016. A former Miss USA and The newbie contestant, Grazia says that Trump kissed the woman about lips after going for walks the lady into the elevators adhering to a meeting in New York, which he claimed would be to reveal a possible tasks.

Cassandra Searles 2013. Created journey people in facebook or twitter document at the beginning of 2016. Neglect Washington 2013, Searles authored on Twitter, they most likely does not decide me telling the storyplot with that efforts he frequently procured my own backside and asked us to his or her bedroom.

Natasha Stoynoff December 2005. Story on on April 12, 2016. Stoynoff ended up being a high profile reporter including Trump for folks mag. She alleges that Trump attacked her while she is at Mar-a-Lago interviewing him or her and Melania Trump for a tale regarding their one-year anniversary. She alleges Trump obtained this model to a personal room, forced her against the walls and vigorously kissed them. Stoynoff also claims a staffer told her Trump am waiting around this lady the very next day at a massage session.

Temple Taggart McDowell 1997. Facts in ny era May 14, 2016. McDowell, who was simply skip Utah UNITED STATE 1997, prices that Trump eventually kissed the without the agree on two different times.

Karena Virginia 1998. Story had general public at a stories discussion October 20, 2016. Virginia says that while she is waiting around a ride adopting the U.S public the game of tennis competition, Trump moved around this model, obtained this lady provide and affected the lady breasts.

Summer Time Zervos 2007. Tale made open in an intelligence conference April 14, 2016. A former contestant on The Apprentice, Zervos alleges that Trump let her know the man desired to reveal a feasible task, but alone in a Beverly mountains motel bungalow, got her chest, kissed their and tried to contribute the into a bedroom.


Mariah Billado 1997 Skip Vermont Young. Journey in Buzzfeed on July 12, 2016.

Tasha Dixon 2001 Skip Illinois. History in CBSLA on July 11, 2016.

Victoria Hughes 1997 Skip Unique Mexico Teenager. Facts in Buzzfeed on March sugardaddy com for free 13, 2016.

Bridget Sullivan 2000 Miss Brand-new Hampshire. Tale in Buzzfeed might 18, 2016.

Buzzfeed on Oct 12, 2016 stated that three various other private methods from 1997 neglect teenager United States Of America pageant affirmed Billado and Hughes history.


Lisa Boyne Summer 1996. Tale inside Huffington article on Oct 13, 2016. Boyne alleges that at a team lunch, Trump as well as other guys pressured ladies to walk within the dining table to go away his or her chairs and therefore Trump searched within the womens skirts and said on their own lingerie and genitalia.

Ivana Trump 1989. Accusations during the early 1990s judge deposition, manufactured open for the morning Beast on July 27, 2015. Ivana disavowed posts of violation in a 1993 book and additional stated on July 28, 2015.

Mom of three children with Trump, Ivana Trump prices that Trump violated her bond of like in a 1989 incident, which she’s got certainly not discussed any further outside. She authored that the woman recorded terms billing the girl ex-husband with rape in a deposition comprise figurative, that tales about a rape become totally without worth and she failed to suggest violation within the criminal awareness. She is under a confidentiality agreement and cannot discuss them marriage publicly without affirmation from Donald Trump.

Kept: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump talks at a marketing campaign rally in Greensboro, new york. Image by Mike Segar/Reuters

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Lisa Desjardins happens to be a correspondent for PBS reportstime, exactly where she addresses facts within the U.S. Capitol whilst travel in the united states to report on what possibilities in Arizona upset group their current address and run.

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