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Josefumi is the earliest identity of Josuke Higashikata, which he turned into after carrying out a comparable trade because of the deceased Yoshikage Kira.

Josefumi is the earliest identity of Josuke Higashikata, which he turned into after carrying out a comparable trade because of the deceased Yoshikage Kira.

He was once students. Josefumi was a Stand consumer in addition to original wielder


Josefumi is actually a guy of lean to average acquire and seemingly average level. They are alike to parts 4’s Josuke Higashikata to look at, using metallic tranquility sign and cardiovascular system pins on their garments and design their locks into an Elvis-style pompadour together with the sides bleached, offering him a far more greaser like look. Josefumi wears a checker-patterned jacket over a loose-collared top with dark pants. During 1st looks, he had several irises with a ripple-pattern comparable to wild Diamond.

Josefumi likewise has a star-shaped birthmark, which signifies that he might feel an associate in the Joestar families or at least a remote family member.


Very little is famous about Josefumi Kujo, while he got traded elements of their human body with Kira’s corpse to become Josuke Higashikata prior to the start of JoJolion. The guy keeps a sense of sentiment for Holy Joestar-Kira conserving his lives (using support of her boy’s electricity) as a child and would gladly do just about anything to aid her.

The guy mentions in section 52 that nobody pays awareness of your and is usually one becoming left behind like the time when he was actually drowning with his mommy, while worried, didn’t check-out rescue him. He regarded ratting out on Kira whenever both comprise being tortured by Damo but once Kira alternatively conserved your, he had been very relocated the guy experimented with lose his own lives to save lots of Kira, revealing he values relationship. The guy also conveyed mild curiosity about Karera Sakunami, partly because she got lovely and another of very first individuals pay attention to your. Meaning he craves attention and love. Josefumi can proven to have far less control over their behavior compared to cold and systematic Kira, a trait which seemingly have started passed onto Josuke.


Main article: Flaccid & Soaked

Originally Josefumi’s Stand, smooth & Wet had the power to take in facets of things, a potential that it retained just like the power to steal aspects of products post-fusion. Moreover it made bubbles, however they are not like the bubbles of Killer Queen, while they do not have the superstar marking. Mellow & soaked’s bubbles ultimately get celebrity markings after the wall structure sight fuse Josefumi with Kira. Josefumi is actually very first revealed demonstrating their Stand’s strength whenever Kira unexpectedly satisfy your in a Morioh ramen store if the pepper shaker top comes off and spills excess pepper into his ramen, generating Josefumi utilizing his Stand to take the pepper , completely dry. The guy also is revealed making use of their stay’s capacity to do a complex botanical grafting, an act he feels are going to be crucial in assisting Kira heal the mystical illness impacting his mommy Holy. He later uses this ability to forcibly feed Kira a Locacaca fresh fruit following the latter was slain by Tamaki Damo.


Josefumi has substantial understanding of plant life and, together with Stand, has the capacity to do botanical grafting.


As children, Josefumi nearly sunken during a trip on seashore with his mama, getting pulled underwater and hitting his head-on a stone, leaving your for dead. The guy wound up inside proper care of er doctor Holy Joestar-Kira, which known Josefumi had been suffering from a fatal blood clot within his head and asked this lady child Yoshikage Kira to utilize their stand-to take it off, keeping the young Josefumi’s lives.

Many years later, he is seen eating in identical ramen store as Ojiro Sasame and Kira. As Ojiro makes the shop, the guy accidentally bumped into Josefumi, evoking the latter to pour a lot of pepper into his ramen, which he eventually removed utilizing his Stand. Kira rapidly acknowledged your afterwards.

The 2 meet up inside park later to develop an idea to take the Locacaca Tree from Aisho Dainenjiyama, as Kira desired the fruits to truly save his mummy. Josefumi insists he let Kira while he seems some debt towards Kira’s mommy for save him in years past, and devises an agenda to take an individual department from tree and use their Stand’s capabilities to graft it to some other tree and raise a Locacaca forest of one’s own. Someday after this event, the guy got a photograph with Kira and Karera.

In accordance with Yotsuyu Yagiyama, the guy once attempted to eliminate Josefumi but was stopped from doing so by Kira.

The guy and Kira had been fundamentally discover by Tamaki Damo and Yagiyama, the previous horribly torturing all of them. Compliment of Kira, they been able to break free and arrive at the area regarding Locacaca graft, but Kira having missing his the liver, Josefumi provided him among the Locacaca good fresh fruit. While waiting around for Kira to awaken, Josefumi is ambushed by the A. Phex Brothers, whom Josefumi proceeded to viciously assault, before retreating with Kira’s muscles.

Josefumi, anxious over Kira not awakening, begins to utilize their particular last Locacaca fruits to exchange their lives for Kira’s, claiming that he died a long time ago hence the guy owed Holy. He advised Kira to call home to ensure the guy could pick a lot more Locacaca fruits for Holy. During this, an earthquake is occurring with a stated tsunami along the way, ruining the bottom and rising a Wall attention, burying Josefumi and Kira in soil, the Locacaca having switched items of the two to turn Josefumi into who end up being usually Josuke, who Yasuho Hirose would find under the ground. A few days after their own appointment, Josuke and Yasuho go back to alike place and discover the corpse of Kira.

For the following almost a year, Josuke are unacquainted with his earlier character as Josefumi or his reference to Kira until Kei Nijimura discloses the process of comparable change that resulted in him are partially her sibling Kira and a chance meeting with Josefumi’s friend Karera just who understands that he or she is in addition Josefumi together with A. Phex Brothers who recognize that Josuke’s stay delicate & moist is much like Josefumi’s Stand.

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