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Iaˆ™m dating a German/Hungarian mutt and heaˆ™s positively tasty

Iaˆ™m dating a German/Hungarian mutt and heaˆ™s positively tasty

Oh, and stomach… and hands… SEE WHAT YOU PROBABLY DID, ELSA?! the reason why’d you must starting dealing with men?! Haha.. Me and my Scorp. climbing… (BTW, last night was actually STUNNING for me personally concerning the Scorp. stellium…)

Something I *do* need is (nothing to do with appearance) many shoulder area (aka freedom aˆ“ a Uranus/Aquarius thing) and *all* my personal previous lovers have afforded me that.

that I am (generally speaking, yet not usually) *repelled* by both women and men of aˆ?magazine coveraˆ? take a look… those cookie-cutter blondes or hunks that happen to be identical from one another…

A lot of people are unable to see my destinations. The less diplomatic pals (one out of certain) have continually mentioned (in disgust) aˆ?You discover

You will find outdated aˆ?head turners’ (that becomes tiresome, it truly really does) and exactly what many people have considered aˆ?dogs’ – and each and every tastes among.

There isn’t a physical type. I was thinking used to do for some time, however it ends up I found myself wrong. Dependent on numerous factors in my lifetime, i have both gone for extremely taller boys or rather quick ones. Slender figures, pudgy systems, long flowing locking devices, hair thinning, blue/brown/hazel/green eyes, with eyeglasses and without…

The thing I perform fancy are kinda compact, dark colored men!

BUT! they have all become geeks in a single method or other. Lately, the preference appears to be for gamer geeks with prominant Aries and Pisces. *shrugs* HellifIknow!

I really don’t like too large, thinner, blond guys ?Y?? (saturn from inside the seventh has had me personally those types of though, he’s handsome however my personal kind after all. other subsequently that he’s a man form of a Stepford spouse, will saturn drive us to commit to him?…we’ll read. )

black colored attention, the arab means, see? frequently obtained dark heavy eyebrows and black colored eyes, I like fuzzy masculine males. I detest the metrossexual means.

We diagnose a decent amount using what my personal guy Aquarius climbing Strawberry said. There’s a match up between all of our seventh quarters and the types of individuals we like, I have a preference for leo rising people.

OK this might be some unusual … but I have a certain sort people i love and a specific type girls I really like. I am very likely to getting keen on one beyond your aˆ?typeaˆ? than a female outside the kind … but We are drawn to factors beyond the actual kind. Still, though, you will be making an effective point, and a tall, broad-shouldered bear of a man with some a belly will rotate my head every. unmarried. times. (while he is dark, better still … LOL!) Just like a petite female with waist from the large side and an enjoyable butt will get my personal attention consistently.

Aquarius Asc (Uranus regulations my personal information) + Uranus as my personal first earth (everything I seek) from inside the 7H (relationship/partner)

Bald men, lightweight vision, wide arms, heavy throat…we end speaking (no smaller task ;-)) when people such as that walks in!

cheerful eyes and powerful bone tissue framework. powerful noses or finely shaped noses. interesting locks: longer, nothing, strange. a look of conspiratorial smugness. mmmm.

We determine my self that I have one type but We frequently determine a lot of people that simply don’t healthy they, though generally with lanky muscles. I say it’s my job to generally like boys with average size dark colored hair and sometimes, I think, big intelligent, appealing attention. I believe Really don’t frequently go after blondes but We have noticed all of them. Often all a person i prefer must do in order to see myself perhaps not keen on all of them is shave their head or grow long hair. I do not fancy males with shaven minds typically or with that much hair on your face if it doesn’t seem artful sufficient. I imagined I do not like furry guys but i’ve been and am drawn to boys with chest area locks. I got a thing for Aquarians, which is for several.

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