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He is an ambitious villain who wishes to learn from his retired bro Felonius Gru

He is an ambitious villain who wishes to learn from his retired bro Felonius Gru

Dru Gru could be the twin-brother of Felonius Gru and son of Robert and Marlena Gru, Lucy Wilde’s brother-in-law, together with adoptive paternal uncle of Margo, Edith, and Agnes.


Similar to their the same twin-brother, Dru provides exclusive appearance with a lengthy pointed nose like his mommy, Marlena. But unlike Gru, who’s bald, they have a complete head of blonde shaggy hair, inherited from his parent, and wears a white suit, scarf and footwear, in place of Gru. His vision tend to be blue, in which he are left-handed.


When Dru and Gru happened to be produced, their mothers separated and grabbed one child each. Dru’s parent, Robert, turned into their guardian, as well as both transferred to Freedonia and Dru spent my youth here. Robert had been a legendary supervillain and began the hog-raising companies as their top. He had beenn’t contented about Dru, which lacks the properties of a villain like themselves.

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Dru dispatches his butler Fritz to ask their sibling Felonius Gru, which verifies together with his mama ily check out Freedonia and Dru welcomes him warmly, but Gru begins to think envious. Dru also welcomes warmly to Lucy Wilde, Margo, Edith and Agnes, just who proclaims on their own as his genuine nieces.

After their nieces and Lucy go directly to the area with Fritz supply the twins time to relationship, Dru demonstrates Gru their particular later part of the dad’s lair and persuades Gru to pick up villainy again. While Gru says to Dru that he have quit getting a villain and isn’t likely to go-back, Dru reveals his twin their unique dad’s vehicle (Dru’s Villain tires) and suggests that they drive call at it. As Dru requires the controls, he shows Gru the car’s weapons and several performance, even if panicking as his driving got them from the highway and off of the edge of a cliff. After Dru stole chocolate in one from the van stands in the Freedonia parmesan cheese event and have the eye on the regional police through the van’s alarm, Gru got the controls and have them to security; and additionally revealing Dru which he had not shed their villain touch.

As soon as at safe point, they parked the auto on a small coastline so they really could dried their particular garments. Dru requires Gru to-do a heist with him along. Gru was not yes to start with, but he ultimately decided to their uncle’s offer so that they could take the Dumont Diamond from Balthazar Bratt; and acquire his and Lucy’s work straight back. Whenever two got in on mansion, they turn clothing to relax and play a trick on the ladies, but Lucy while the girls could discover through they.

The very next day, as Gru was describing the design of Bratt’s Lair additionally the plan to be in and grab the diamond, Dru acted like he was watching a film while he seated as well as consumed popcorn. The guy turned angry as he learned their part when you look at the strategy would be to function as the break free driver, as he desired to feel at Gru’s area when they get their hands on the diamond and turn the richest villains in the field. Once the two get to Bratt’s lair, Dru “altered the master plan” and accompanied Gru while they produced their own method in. Gru was required to help Dru through the building’s security measures and obtaining in without warning, while he began to think he must have stayed in motorboat. However, Gru cheered him right up by telling your he’s here to compliment him. They continued traveling the bottom until Dru had gotten sidetracked together anonymous men seeking women hookup with the bad Bratt toys (while he when had one) plus the gum; which got them caught when he got one and set it inside the mouth area with no knowledge of its skill – the gum soon turned exceedingly large and started to come-out from Dru’s nose and throat. Gru made use of the gum that was deflating inside Dru to spit it out and capture Bratt to your wall surface. Lucy got identified the twins when they comprise leaving for any heist early in the day and stumbled on their particular rescue in Dru’s red chopper.

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