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That Is Alison Victoria Married To? Grab Inside Fashion Designer’s Partner Facts

That Is Alison Victoria Married To? Grab Inside Fashion Designer’s Partner Facts

HGTV celebrity Alison Victori whom has Windy area Rehab is known for the passion she’s for interior decorating. She’s got went to, altered, and showcased enough homes with her enthusiasts. But, what do we know about Victoria’s home?

Alison Victoria Was Actually Committed To Luke Harding

TV identity and inside developer, Alison Victoria has-been getting the eye of thousands since she took over the character as a number alongside Donovan Eckhardt about HGTV common fact tv program, Windy City Rehab.

But, like their onscreen partnership with Donovan who she thought about the woman jobs husband went down hill with all the current ups and downs of these appropriate fights, Alison’s real-life union and relationship seem to have gone down alike movement too.

Really, Victoria was once partnered to an insurance representative called Luke Harding who is additionally located in Chicago where in fact the designer are from. More over, Victoria found the woman today estranged partner Hardin in 2011 through an on-line relationships software.

Alison Victoria & Luke Harding Married In 2013

And, in just lower than 36 months afterwards since they initial fulfilled, Luke Harding and Alison Victoria were united in holy matrimony. And of course, Harding romantically popped issue to Victoria whilst duo was at Paris nearby the Eiffel Tower where in actuality the insurance professional planned a romantic midnight picnic in mid-2013.

Victoria put-on the lady greatest white outfit crafted by Rebecca Taylor and went to her involvement party site in June 2013. The lovebirds also planned attire motifs with their friends depending on a common movies, Midnight in Paris.

For Harding, the guy went for an official looks by donning in Adrian playground’s pieces he associated with a straw hat.